Nearly 300 funds comprise the Community Foundation

Arts & humanities funds
Ruth T. Bemis Knox County Symphony Orchestra Fund
Knox County Historical Society Fund
Carolyn Lord Knox County Symphony Fund for the Double Bass
League of Friendship Fund
Mount Vernon Theater Guild Fund

Community improvement funds
Ariel Corporation Stacy Doyle Fund
Community Improvement Fund
Didinger Family Knox County Humane Society Fund
Dorothy Farmer Pike Twp. Cemetery Fund
Marjorie Fearn Fund
Wilbur Gaunder Knox County Humane Society Fund
Zack T. Hollister Bird Cemetery Fund
Harold C. and Roberta C. Johnson Fund
Humane Society-Barbara S. Jones Fund
Kokosing Gap Trail Fund
Emerson Laird Kokosing Gap Trail Fund
Howard McDonald Friends Cemetery Fund
Friends of Quarry Chapel Endowment Fund
William S. and Pearlene Rowley Fund (2012)
Walter and Jane Rudin Family Fund
Kathryn A. Sheedy Sanctuary Memorial Fund
Charles M. Zelkowitz Chamber of Commerce Fund

Designated funds
George & Ruth Gelsanliter Memorial Fund
W. Glenn Hess Fund
Pauline Jamison Kartman Fund
Harriet B. Lawler Memorial Fund
Short Term Project Fund
Amy Fairchild Williams Memorial Fund
Beatty B. Williams Fund
Helen E. Zelkowitz Fund

Donor-advised funds
Ariel Corporation Donor-Advised Fund
Fred Barry Jr., Virginia M. Barry, Douglas A. Barry and Barbara A. Barry Fund (2012)
Mary Jane and Rick Bayer Foundation (2012)
Donald T. and Carolyn A. Blizzard Family Fund
Douglas & Patsy Brenneman Fund
Aaron Christopher Donor-Advised Fund
Edgar and Joan Clipse Family Fund
Gary W. and Carol A. Didinger Fund
Givens Family Fund
Sheryl A. Hall Memorial Fund
Lois and Burt Hanson Donor-Advised Fund
Donald A. and Sigrid O. Harnsberger Fund
Sgt. Benjamin J. Laymon Memorial Fund
LeFurjah Family Donor-Advised Fund
Madcap Memorial Fund (2012)
Mankins Family Fund (2012)
Judith K. and Leon E. Marlow Family Fund
Joe and Krys Mortellaro Fund (2012)
Richard B. & Susan B. Murray Donor-Advised Fund
Mount Vernon Machine & Tool Fund
Plocki-McManus Family Fund,
Dr. Clyde L. and Dora L. Purdy Fund
Mark and Denise Ramser Family Fund
Ruby and Alan Riedel Fund
Richard, Barbara & Travis Ritter Fund
Herb Rock Memorial Fund (2012)
Schnormeier Family Fund
William and Peggy Stroud Fund
Totus Tuus Fund
Carlos E. and Celestine A. Watkins Family Fund
Gordon E. and Frances B. Yance Family Fund (2012)

Education funds
Altrusa Club of Knox County
Lester R. and Mildred E. Bennett Memorial Fund
Central Ohio Technical College  Fund
Gordon & Roberta Chalmers Library Fund
Early Learners’ Scholarship Fund
Education & Scholarship Fund
Wilbur Gaunder Nursing Scholarship Fund
Gelsanliter Family Fund
Richard Landers Fund for Knox County Career Center
Harriett Buchanan Lawler Memorial Fund
Ethel Lyman Memorial Fund
Ida T. McHugh Pleasant St. Elementary School Library Fund
Mount Vernon Academic Boosters Fund
Mount Vernon High School Alumni Fund
Wesley Judd Park Fund for MVNU
Andy Ressing Memorial Fund
James R. Westerheide Memorial Fund
Beatty B. Williams Library Fund
Charles M. and Helen E. Zelkowitz Soroptomist Fund

Health and wellness funds
Robert Black Fund
Rose M. Blair Cancer Society Fund
Rose M. Blair Heart Association Fund
Debes Heart Fund
Didinger Family Knox Community Hospital Fund
Wilbur Gaunder Hospice of Knox County Fund
Wilbur Gaunder Knox County Red Cross Fund
Margaret Louise Jamison YMCA Fund
Knox County Society for Crippled Children & Adults Fund
Knox County Medical Society Fund
Mae S. Taylor YMCA Fund
Beatty B. Williams YMCA Fund

Human and social service funds
Didinger Family Fund for United Way
Wilbur Gaunder Salvation Army Fund
Ellen M. Heckler Fund
Interchurch Social Services Fund
Margaret Louise Jamison Interchurch Fund
James K. Lyman Memorial Fund
Zelkowitz Family Knox County United Way Endowment Fund

Legacy Society funds
Sam and Paula Barone Legacy Fund
Sally and Joe Nelson Legacy Fund
Noel and Suzanne Parrish Legacy Fund
Ian and Charlotte Watson Legacy Fund

Organization funds
Alcohol and Drug Freedom Center Fund
Apple Valley Property Owners Association Fund
Sandra K. Barrick Knox County Humane Society Fund
Friends of Quarry Chapel Fund
Community Concerts Association of Knox County Fund
Danville Academic Achievement Fund
Faith Lutheran Church Mission Fund
Friends Cemetery Association Fund
Fredericktown Community Center Fund
Fredericktown Community Foundation Fund
Kiwanis Club of Mount Vernon Fund
Knox County Parks Fund
Knox County Symphony Association Fund
The Foundation for Knox Community Hospital Fund
Madcap Memorial Fund
Mount Vernon Board of Education Fund
Mount Vernon Elks Lodge #140 Fund
Mount Vernon Rotary Foundation Fund
Mount Vernon YMCA Fund
Mount Vernon Youth Baseball Leagues Fund
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio Fund (2012)
United Way of Knox County Fund
Youth Philanthropy Initiative Fund

Scholarship funds
John Ackerman Community Scholarship Fund
Aljian-Barnes Scholarship Fund
American Legion Post #136 Scholarship Fund
Robert C. Appleton Fund
William B. Burgett Builder & Contractor Scholarship Fund
Arck/Crowthers Fund
Ariel Corporation Scholarship Fund
Fred Barry Jr. Memorial Fund
Chief Thomas E. Bartlett Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth W. Bell Scholarship Fund
Clark and Lucy Biggs Fund
John Gordon Bone Jr. Student Aid Fund
Karl W. Brown Scholarship Fund
Phil Burghard Memorial Scholarship Fund
Charles E. Cassaday Fund
Helen Hope Cooke Scholarship Fund
Norma J. Cornell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Norma J. Cornell St. Vincent de Paul Parish Education Fund
Harold B. “Cookie” Cunningham Fund
D.A.R. Lucy Knox Chapter, Frances Sturtevant Scholarship Fund
Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority Mary Scoles Grant-in-Aid Fund (2012)
Geraldine “Gerri” Dennis Scholarship Fund
Martha Deppner Scholarship Fund
Gary W. and Carol A. Didinger Scholarship Fund
Distinguished Young Women of Ohio Scholarship Fund (formerly Ohio’s Junior Miss)
Joe Divelbiss Memorial Scholarship Fund
Beverly Jo Dremann Early Childhood Education Scholarship Fund
East Knox Community Scholarship Fund
Ralph and Ara Flack Scholarship Fund
Pauline Freeman Scholarship Fund
Fredericktown Academic Loan Fund
Blake and Chloris Fritz Scholarship Fund
Nick Gaumer Scholarship Fund (2012)
Wilbur Gaunder Engineering Scholarship Fund
Pauline L. Gordon Memorial Scholarship Fund
Larry Hall Fund
Donald A. and Sigrid O. Harnsberger Scholarship Fund
Lillian C. Hickman Fund
William S. Hunter Fund
Cody L. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Edwin Kaylor Scholarship Fund
Raymond E. Kinney Scholarship Fund
Knox County Fraternal Order of Police Scholarship Fund
Ila Ward Kohl Scholarship Fund
Barbara C. Lamb Fund IMO Rex M. Lamb, Jr.
Margaret E. Lambert Academic Scholarship Fund
Harriet B. Lawler Memorial Scholarship Fund
John M. Lee Scholarship Fund
Ruth Leedy Scholarship Fund
Leedy Student Aid Fund
Alexandra D. Letz General Scholarship Fund
Alexandra D. Letz Nursing Scholarship Fund
Kathryn Ann Levering Memorial Scholarship Fund
W. Joan Levering Scholarship Fund
Roy McKinley Scholarship Fund
Meharry Family African-American/American-Indian Nursing Scholarship Fund
Anna B. and Ralph V. Mowery Scholarship Fund
Ohio Lodge #199 F&AM (ino) Danville Masonic Lodge F&AM Scholarship Fund
The Ohio State University Knox County Alumni Club Scholarship  Fund
Edna Osborn Fund
Arthur J. Packard Jr. Memorial Fund
Dolly Mae Paige Scholarship Fund
Richard T. Poling Scholarship Fund
William E. & Helen  F. Pond Fund
Sarah Karolin Pressler Memorial Scholarship Fund
Psi Iota Xi Scholarship Fund
Caitlin C. Pugh Scholarship Fund
Dr. Clyde L. and Dora L. Purdy Scholarship Fund
J. R. and Lorene Purdy Scholarship Fund
Charles Pursel Scholarship Fund
John P. and Agnes D. Rentz Scholarship Fund
Justin T. Richert Scholarship Fund
Pauline S. Riel Scholarship Fund
Mary Catherine Ritter Scholarship Fund
Roelofs Family Scholarship Fund
Hugh Cameron Roelofs Scholarship Fund
William S. and Pearlene Rowley Scholarship Fund (2012)
Larry A. Schisler Memorial Scholarship Fund
Fred Schuller Scholarship Fund
Rick L. Scott Memorial Scholarship
Charles F. & Zella H. Simpson Scholarship Fund
Sims-Rose Scholarship Fund
John N. & Nancy L. Sinclair Scholarship Fund
Dean & Audrey Spearman Rollin’ Buckeye Fund
Stephanie Thompson Sprang Memorial Scholarship Fund (2012)
Strang Memorial Fund
Student Scholarship Fund
Carlos E. Watkins First-Knox Scholarship Fund
Vaughn Wiester Music Scholarship Fund
Jay M. and Sarah L. Wilson Scholarship Fund
William E. Wing Scholarship Fund
Charles M. Zelkowitz Community Service Scholarship Fund
Charles M. and Helen E. Zelkowitz Fund
Stephen W. Zelkowitz Scholarship Fund for Ohio’s Junior Miss
Stephen W. Zelkowitz Scholarship Fund

Spiritual growth funds
Sterling B. and Edna B. Braddock Fund
Hannah Browning Home Fund
Garfield & Mazie Colgin Memorial Fund
Helen Hope Cooke Fund
Fletcher M. Devin Fund
Didinger Family St. Luke Catholic Church Fund
First Congregational Church Building Fund
First Congregational Church Fund
Wilbur Gaunder Harcourt Episcopal Church Fund
H. Grant Heckler Memorial Fund
Thomas E. Heine Memorial Fund
Ethel V. Jamison Fund
Margaret Louise Jamison Church Fund
F. William Kahrl Fund
R. B. Kincaid Fund
Kiracofe Family Fund
Daniel Pealer Memorial Fund
J. R. and Lorene Purdy Fund
George H. and Eleanor M. Ralston Memorial Fund
Arthur E. and Grace E. Rawlinson Fund
Delbert C. Schmidt Fund
Walter T. Starr Memorial Fund
Howard S. Tarr First Congregational Fund
Zenno E. & Mae S. Taylor Memorial Fund
Martha Turner Walker Memorial Fund

Supporting Organizations
Schnormeier Gardens Foundation

Unrestricted funds
Ariel Corporation Fund
Frank L. and Anna Beam Fund
Henry L. Beecher Fund
Luke B. Biggs Fund
Ralph L. and Doris Boyer Fund
Donald W. Clutter Fund
Charles F. Colville Fund
Community Foundation Memorial Fund
Ellen Grant Crawford Fund
George Culbertson Fund
M. Elizabeth Cummings Fund
Samuel D. and Marie D. Cureton Fund
Cutler Memorial Fund
James H. Debes Fund
Jennie J. Debes Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Fairchild Memorial Fund
Harry M. and Lovella R. Foster Memorial Fund
General Fund and Unrestricted Grants Fund
Dorothea M. George Fund
Morton M. Hansen Fund
Knox County Savings Bank Fund
Lamb Glass Company Fund
Robert B. and Helen W. Lantz Fund
Lawrence and Josephine Lewis Fund
James A. McElroy Fund
John and Genevieve Minor Foundation Fund
William. L. Moore and Geraldine Moore Fowler Fund
The Mount Vernon Bridge Company Fund
Ohio Magazine Fund
Nancy J. Page Fund
Havilah Phelps Fund
Margaret Polahar Memorial Fund
Pond Motors Sales Fund
J. R. and Lorene Purdy Memorial Fund
Russell E. Ramser Jr. Memorial Fund
Residential Homes of Knox County Fund
Rudin Company Fund
J. W. Rudin Jr. Fund
J. W. Rudin Sr. Fund
W. M. Rudin Fund
Sanderson-Salisbury Memorial Fund
Berta H. Schnebly Fund
Kathryn A. Sheedy Memorial Fund
Belle Shrontz Fund
Special Projects Fund
Mrs. Walter J. Sperry and Family Fund
Blanche Stevenson Fund
Mary Blanche Stuckey Fund
Frederick and Carol Surlas Fund
Zenno E. and Mae S. Taylor Fund
Perry and Louise Trinkner Fund
Jean Ann Wagner Fund
Beatty B. Williams Memorial Fund
Edith Hindley Williams Fund
Lawrence F. and Ruby Williams Fund
Arthur C. and Ada B. Wolfe Memorial Fund

Youth enrichment funds
Character Building Fund
Paul G. Crawford Fund
Greg Farmer Memorial Knox County 4-H Clubs Fund
Alice Jewell Memorial Fund
Mount Vernon Livestock Cooperative Association Fund
YWCA Girls’ Fund
Zelkowitz Family YMCA Endowment Fund