dsc_0374MOUNT VERNON – Dave and Ellen Culbertson have a personal stake in the battle against drug abuse. In February 2009, following the accidental overdose death of their son Carl, the Culbertsons founded the Arms of an Angel Foundation to heighten awareness of the personal and family tragedy that surrounds substance abuse.

This week the Culbertsons assured their personal crusade to educate would-be drug users, and to support victims and families of substance abuse, will go on indefinitely by transferring $50,000 of contributed and personal funds to endow to the Arms of an Angel Anti-Drug Fund at the Community Foundation of Mount Vernon & Knox County. The gift qualifies for an immediate $25,000 match from the Ariel Corporation’s New Philanthropy Fund, and from the outset will generate more than $3,300 per year in perpetuity to support the Arms of an Angel mission.

According to the fund agreement drafted by the Culbertsons and the Community Foundation, endowment income will be used “solely for purposes associated with combating drug abuse in any location in the State of Ohio, through awareness, education, post-treatment counseling, youth drug-deterrent programs, and scholarship opportunities for recovering clean and sober addicts. The Fund may also benefit housing and treatment centers, transition homes, and programs designed to develop life skills enabling addicts to merge into productive society.”

Since its founding the Culbertsons’ Arms of an Angel Foundation has held old prescription roundups and other awareness events. Dave has spoken to more than 17,000 young people throughout Ohio, including those at middle schools, high schools and church youth groups. He also makes presentations to adult groups. Throughout the organization’s seven-year existence, the Culbertsons have never charged for their appearances,  but have conducted fundraising activities, which now have contributed to the establishment of a permanent endowment at the Community Foundation.

Dave Culbertson explained, “To better aid in fundraising and the financial management and disbursement of funds, we are entrusting the Arms of an Angel Anti-Drug Fund to the Community Foundation of Mount Vernon & Knox County, in memory of those lost to drug abuse and in honor of their families who have suffered.”

Culbertson added, “This will take the fund management and disbursement out of our hands, enabling us to do what we do best: fighting drug abuse and spreading awareness throughout the state.”

Community Foundation of Mount Vernon & Knox County Foundation Executive Director Sam Barone said, “ In partnering with our 72 year-old community foundation the Culbertsons have established strict guidelines for the distribution of fund income, and have stipulated that contributions made to the Arms of an Angel Anti-Drug Fund by anyone will never be diminished, but will be invested to generate a stream of income to combat drug abuse for generations to come.”

Those wishing to learn more about the work of the Arms of an Angel Foundation may visit Online contributions to the new fund may be made using the link provided there, or through the “Donate Now” link on the Community Foundation website


In the Photo:  Community Foundation of Mount Vernon & Knox County Development Committee Chair Dr. Amy Murnen gratefully accepts $50,000 in contributions from Dave Culbertston, establishing the Arms of an Angel Anti-Drug Fund. The contribution qualifies for a $25,000 Ariel Corporation New Philanthropy match, magnifying the fund’s impact in the battle against drug abuse. (Photo submitted)

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